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Mel K & Patriot Paul With Exciting News About The Oath, Leadership & The Constitution 12-5-21

December 5, 2021

Mel is pleased to welcome back proud constitutional citizen Patriot Paul AKA Paul Marsters who is announcing here that he is stepping up and running for Sheriff of Crawford County Arkansas.  Paul has been a great friend of The Mel K Show and we are supremely proud to see him and so many of our patriot pals stepping up to help save America one community at a time.  The vision we speak of often of sovereignty and civic involvement is being realized nationwide and we could not be more honored to have the ability to help so many of our friends to take back our country and protect our god given rights.

Please support Paul Marsters for Sheriff below and all our Patriot Pals that are stepping up to save America.  They can not do it alone and they need both financial and support help to defeat the entrenched enemies of the people.   Lets do this America!

Please find Paul at:

Online donations:
Contributions can be made online easily using Anedot at the link below

Contributions can be mailed to:
Paul Marsters For Sheriff
P.O. Box 1074
Alma, AR 72921
Must include phone number and address with check. 

God Wins But We The People Need To Do Our Part! 

Thank you so much for your support of all constitutional and America first candidates and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve.   God Bless us all  🙏🏻

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