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Mel K & Dr. Mark Sherwood On Health, Happiness & Leadership 12-3-21

December 3, 2021

Mel is pleased to be joined by the amazing multifaceted patriot and leader, Dr. Mark Sherwood.  

As a health provider he and his team at Functional Medical Institute have successfully treated thousands of covid patients and provide a full suite of medical, health & wellness solutions both in person and virtually.   Dr. Sherwood is a passionate patriot and an unwavering man of faith.   He walks the walk and speaks the truth with amazing clarity and presence and is a leading national speaker on many platforms including our ReAwaken America Tour.   Never backing down from standing for what's right, Dr. Sherwood has stepped up to run for the Governor of his home state of Oklahoma.   We at The The Mel K Show are proud to be friends, partners and wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Mark Sherwood as the next Governor of Oklahoma.        

Please join us in supporting this amazing man! 

Please support Dr. Sherwood for Governor of Oklahoma here:

Learn more about how to manage your health and wellness with Dr. Sherwood and his team at Functional Medical Institute here: - download the free e-book to develop physical and emotional resiliency

Join Mel and Dr. Sherwood live at any of the The ReAwaken Tour events and the Make America Free Again Rally set for January 22nd, 2021 details of upcoming live in person speaking events here:

Dallas, Texas - December 10 - 12 (Reawaken America Tour) RE:AWAKENING Movie Just Launched ! - see our partners page !
Phoenix AZ - January 14-15 (Reawaken America Tour)
Oklahoma City, OK January 22 (Sherwood For Governor - Make Oklahoma Free Rally) 
Canton, OH February 18-19 (Reawaken America Tour)
Redmond, OR - April 1-2 (Reawaken America Tour)
See our website events page and follow the link to the events. Remember to mention Mel K for great discounts on all these fun and informative events. See you there!

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