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Mel K & Emergency Response Expert Tina On Prepping For Security, Safety & Peace Of Mind 6-28-22

June 28, 2022

To take advantage of these generous offers, please use the link: 

Mel and Rob are excited to have on our partner Tina Blanco from Satellite Phone Store.   We are always looking for great resources and tools for our patriot pals and this is a product line that every discerning citizen should consider.   Satellite phones are secure, reliable and are an invaluable resource when you need to be prepared.  

 Our friends at Satellite Phone Store are such big fans of you our amazing audience that they are offering a free bivy product with an annual agreement, family plans, prep kits, and much more! They are standing by for your calls to help out, 

To take advantage of these generous offers, please use the link: 

 **Please note: Due to supply shortages some items may be backordered but as always, its better to plan and be prepared.   

You can go to under our partners tab to find the link to The Satellite Phone Store.

You can also view a Bivy demonstration video here:

 And remember, when cellular networks go down & internet access fails, Galileyo can keep you informed, via the global satellite infrastructure. Join us There:

Thank you to the team at Satellite Phone Store for supporting The Mel K Show and most importantly to all our patriot pals.   

God Wins!  Love & Light, 
Mel & Rob

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