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Mel, Rob & Precious Metals Expert Andrew Sorchini On Protection From Financial Technocracy 9-12-21

September 12, 2021

Mel and Rob are in Kentucky with amazing patriots fighting for sovereignty in the shadow of a most solemn day.   There are many ways to protect your sovereignty from those that are actively seeking to take it away.   Prepare and take action with your financial freedom and consider solutions away from the institutional financial technocracy.    

If you are interested in exploring investing in precious metals please contact Andrew and his team at the below on our website, his number or his website and please mention Mel K to get special offers and to help support The Mel K Show.  

Andrew and his team are committed to bringing The Mel K Show subscribers the highest quality service and support.   They are under great demand so please be patient if they do not immediately respond to your email, call or text but know they are on it.

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If you're interested in learning more, please fill out this form at the Mel K website link below and we'll be in touch:

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Website

Andrew Sorchini telephone   866-346-5325

Thank you all for your support and we hope that this content and service helps you out in these unprecedented times. 

Love & Light 
Mel & Rob
God Wins!

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